AD31 Capra (male) and a juvenile, potentially AD47 Vereshegan.

Photo by John Cutter.
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This is an assignment done for one of my classes, we had to do a charity/organization poster! It was a very fun process. I’m not very good at type but my roommate helped me out ;v;
I chose to do a poster for WildAid!
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Orca by Sacher
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Marineland France
18th June 2014
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breaching orca (#3 of 5): female J16 Slick, born 1972 (by Andrew Reding)
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Pod of Risso’s dolphins killed in The Cove today



Haven’t seen anything on here about this yet…

The first pod of dolphins have finally been caught by the dolphin hunters, 16 days into the killing season. All killed, none taken for captive life. They fought hard to get away for almost three hours before finally being driven into the cove.

Yeah we were all talking about it while it was live streaming 😢 such a sad loss of life!

It’s awful, and I can’t help but feel they’ve had trouble finding the dolphins this year simply because they’re slaughtering them all and the populations are starting to dwindle…
I also feel agitated knowing all we can do is sit and monitor it, just doesn’t feel like we’re getting any closer to ending it :(


Orkid (by Bryce Bradford)
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