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Northern Isles Orca- Tail Lob032 Busta
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Transient Killer Whales (by EchoBeluga)
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Killer Whale (Orca). (by Keith Lovelady’s Photography)
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29. Keto
Few captive orcas have been relocated more than Keto, who has lived at all four SeaWorld parks. In the marine park business, it is routine to move orca whales from one venue to another. This happens for a variety of reasons: making room for a new baby; accommodating breeding loans; or adjusting social dynamics. Born at SeaWorld Orlando, at 4 years old Keto was taken from his mother Kalina and moved to San Diego, California. One year later, Keto was flown to Ohio, and then on to SeaWorld of Texas. A few years later, a now 10-year old Keto was flown to the Canary Islands where he lives and performs today. During transportation, he was routinely fit into a sling, raised by a crane into a tight fitting crate, driven by truck, and loaded onto an aircraft. Keto had a history of showing aggressive tendencies towards his trainers. On Christmas Eve of 2009, Keto’s aggression proved fatal. Keto killed his trainer Alexis Martinez.
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An adorable orca swimming in the wild. 
Source: Hunt For The Super Predator 
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