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Orca Attack in Punta Norte, Valdes Peninsula - Argentina (by Giovanni Mari)
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orca types
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On a much brighter note, 3 new orcas have managed to make it to the age of 2 meaning they have now received a name! Baby A101 (pictured above) will be known as Kamux.Baby A102 will be known as Tuzo.And baby D27 will be known as Fitz.Congratulations to the calves and their mothers!
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J31 Tsuchi by Nikki the birdwatcher on Flickr.
The always lovely Tsuchi from a few days ago!
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> remembering: HUGO

hugo was stolen from the southern resident community in 1967. he was purchased by the miami seaquarium, and was placed in a pool they named the celebrity pool, which today houses manatees. ric o’barry, former trainer of hugo and now anti captivity activist recalls that when hugo positioned his body vertically to get his food, he would have to tuck his tail flukes under as the tank was shallower than he was long.
a new tank was finished in 1970, however a newly caught female whale named lolita was placed in the tank while hugo remained in his tiny pool, as it was feared that they would fight, or that hugo would try to mate with the young lolita. as it turned out, hugo and lolita were members of the same family, and would constantly call out in the same dialect to each other. eventually, hugo was moved into the new pool with lolita.
hugo was known to be an unpredictable, aggressive whale, and would often refuse to perform. hugo was involved in many reported incidents with humans, most notably closing his mouth around the head of a trainer, and dragging several trainers around the pool.
as hugo aged, he became increasingly more frustrated. his dorsal fin began to flop, and he began engaging in behaviours such as ramming the sides of the tank. it was this behaviour that eventually killed him in 1980, where the repeated ramming of the tank with his head caused a brain aneurysm. he died at approximately 15 years old, after 12 years in captivity, leaving tankmate lolita alone, where she remains today. his body was sent to the miami dade dump.
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©Heritage Expeditions Russia’s Ring of Fire by Heritage Expeditions on Flickr.
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Hey all! Unfortunately my laptop has died after 4 years :( this means I won’t be posting much for a while, just to let you all know!